I had a profile reading with Ashish and even before our first skype conversation, I felt I could trust him 100%. He is attentive, caring and very professional. His reading was clear and precise, and he explained many aspects of my blockages and how they are linked to past experiences. I could resonate completely with his description. Each time I spoke to him he brings showers of light and positive energy into my life. He guides me and gives clear guidance. I hope that he will stay my friend for many years to come.

- Lubinka Petrovic, London

I was introduced to the world of Akashic Records, healing and soul cleansing by Ashish and it opened up not just my eyes but a whole new world of peace. Its a fascinating experience that’s based on belief and helped me in my most difficult times. The calm and soothing approach that is used by Ashish has helped me realize a lot about my present situation, my past experiences and how to take small steps for big goals. He spares quality time and explains everything so very well and thoroughly. The resources provided are also carefully chosen and a step by step process towards the soul healing itself. I feel much better in my times of struggle and I would recommend these sessions to one and all, even if life seems smooth.
- Sreyashi Sengupta, Singapore

Thank you for the SRA reading, it is indeed a master piece by all counts of work. I am amazed at your professional and equally detailed approach on this subject-SRA! I can feel that you have put in lot of your personal time, emotion, passion and heart into it. I thank you for the same.

- Anonymous

When getting the reading done I really had no idea what was going to happen but I had a strong belief system as Ashish has been an old friend. At the time I decided to take on the reading I was engaged with a lot of challenges on my business front but as I am writing out this testimonial now; I can relate to all the positive changes that have manifested in physical reality which is just astounding In doing the soul cleansing, I felt even greater balance within myself and I am also experiencing abundance in all facets of my life. Thank you

- Naresh Majithia, Hong Kong

Hi Ashish ,
Hope you are doing well …
Things have moved on every front and the soul re-alignment does seem to have worked as a catalyst…
Would like to continue on this journey and make sure that the alignments remain sane… pls do guide me if there are things that we could do proactively
Once again, thank you sir !

- Utsaha K, India

This was totally new for me. Though I was a bit skeptical about it the beginning, I should say I did enjoy and benefit from the process. I was amazed with the facts I was presented with. It made me understand myself in a different perspective. There were lots of information given which made me comprehend my inner-self and also gave a glimpse of the things happening around me. Thank You for time and guidance. I am grateful to you.

- Joy Bhattacharjee, Singapore

Soul re-alignment changes my life. I was very depressed and so many negativities were in my life, My father got admitted, I lost my job and Financially I was almost zero. I contacted Ashish Sir and he has done my soul re-alignment my life changed completely, I think I am new born from that day and currently I am feeling very energetic and Positive in my life. Thanks to Ashish Sir and his blessings.

- Mukunda Umbargikar, India

Thank you Ashish for guiding me through the rough times that I was facing few months back. It starts even before my personal problems started. I thank you very much for healing my mother when she was unwell and was hospitalised. You healing helped her in recovering faster. I remembered you immediately when I was facing some health issues. You read my akashic record and gave me spiritual healing which has helped me immensely in gaining back my self confidence. You made me understand how my past is affecting my present and how I can change it for better. And it has been a great help. You have been a great guide and healer for both, my mom and me. Thank you very much Ashish once again. I would also like to thank my brother-in-law, Naresh Majithia for sponsoring me.

- Ruupa Acharekaar, India

Ashish discussed about the Akashic records world & I was fascinated by the facts mentioned by him. We have known each other since our formative college days & he has always been a true friend & a good guide in all matters. I have experienced positive changes in my life & I have been able to control the anxiety in all aspects of my life. I will continue to take his guidance & looking forward to bring about more changes in my life. I am thankful to Ashish.

- Amol Gavankar, India

“There were a few hurdles in my life for quite some time and I talked about them to a friend of mine. My friend mentioned soul cleansing. As a person I am speculative and was not really keen about any such method. But, things were not getting better and after another round of discussions, I decided to give it a try. Then came the first point of contact with Ashish Rahinj and adivinesoul. Life changed from point one, I felt as if my burden was being lifted and things just started to feel so much better. Today when I look back, I was a different person with clouds hanging over me always and had lost my real self. Today, I am Happier, Positive, and Confident of change and feel absolutely great. It's not that hurdles have completely vanished but, there is a feel inside that is fearless and open to challenges.

- MJ, Singapore

Firstly, I am proud that I was introduced to the world of Soul Coaching and Akashik Records by my uncle, Ashish. I got my soul cleaning done and since then I feel more positive and more energetic in my day-to-day activities. Timely he gives me advice which has guided me always to the right path. I have even started recommending him to my friends. I am grateful to have a wonderful guide in the form of my uncle. Thank You.

- Dipti D, India

I requested Ashish for a Soul Realignment session when my life was literally in a state of turmoil. I was in deep trouble on physical and mental/emotional levels. I could not adjust well with my workplace as well.
Ashish worked out my soul group and I could get to know a lot about why I am here on Earth. I also understood intricacies about my own behavioral patterns. The special rituals and prayers taught by him increased my vibratory level and I was able to flow easily through various situations. He counsels from the core of unconditional love and the client feels encased and protected in a cocoon of Divine powers.
I thank the Almighty and Ashish for helping me at the soul level

- Sameer Subhash, India

My name is Alexe and I'm from Canada. I was searching for someone to help me with some parts of my spirituality and then, Ashish magically appeared, Poof! He has helped me with my energy work and with my past life clearing.
It took about a week for me to really notice the difference the past life clearing had made for me. I could sleep better and I had more energy as well Ashish is a very beautiful, giving and knowledgable soul with a mission to help and enlighten people. I'm an eternally grateful for the work he has done with me in precious lives, the work he is doing now and the work he will do in the future.

- Alexe, Canada

Ashish did the soul realignment for me and my family when we were in turmoil..I have known Ashish personally as a family friend .I was unaware of his work ..when he came to know about our troubles he explained in depth the entire process. Just gave him a go ahead and yes things have moved on well and are still moving forward in positive line..He has very deep knowledge about his work.I do keep asking for advise as he very courteous and kind .I feel very energetic in my regular life.I am extremely grateful to have him as a friend and guide in our life. ...

- Priti Desai, Mumbai India

Ashish is my dear friend since many years. It was quiet interesting to know from him about the work he was pusuing on soul clearing. At first it was a difficult concept to digest. But when I listened to the details from ashish it started making sense to me. So I decided to put full faith in his work and requested him to carry out my soul clearing work with compete trust and belief.
When ashish completed my soul clearing work I was not sure how it is going to benefit me short or long term.
Going through turmoil's in life can be personal as well family members associated. While I was searching and focusing how it benefited MY troubles and worries...not realising that as time passed by there were lot of problems with my family members which were getting resolved.. Even my worries were slowly and steadily diminishing. It is not a magic wand that he uses but I do feel that the soul clearing does impact our own and the lives of near and dear ones slowly bur surely. I am still not out of one major issue I am struggling with ..but am surprised that my life is taking a different positive shape. So I would only say that believe in this process and leave rest to Ashish's work. Speak to him on continuous basis. I am sure he will clear your soul which might be carrying the burden of problems, anger, hatred etc to more towards love, joy, peace and gratitude. Cheers to all the divine souls.

- Virlesh N Desai, Mumbai India

I have been wanting to thank you Ashish again for what you have given me—A wonderful gift. I have felt so much more positive and accepting of what’s happening in my life since I spoke with you. I always believed in prayers are powerful but talking to you was great in helping me put that belief into action. I believe the healing session you did for me was very, very significant, powerful and important. My family has noticed a tremendous difference in my outlook. For now I’d say it was stunning….in the most positive light….and at this point, I can’t say much more and want to thank you very much, again for your rather unbounded love, caring, skilfulness and support.

- Mukund Korke, Pune India

“I consider myself very fortunate and blessed for having had Ashish's companionship and unconditional help and support! Ashish is a very kind and patient soul who has a special gift of helping those who seek his help, finding their spiritual path of growth. He's helped me with a ton of issues including not only my personal issues with family, but by 'soul profiling and realignment' for me and my family members, provided us with much needed healing and relief from tremendous mental anguish! I learnt from him that my breath needs to be the first thing that I could control and once I did that...I knew I had attained more clarity and composure within myself. I was particularly impressed with his truthful insight, simplicity, down to earth attitude and positive demeanor. I'm happy to say that the tools and advice he provided are enormously beneficial to me and my family and I'll be forever grateful to him for his guidance!

- Anonymous

I always felt that we (me and my husband) are working hard but somehow not achieving the success we deserve. By coincidence I found Ashish through a friend. His works affected me a lot. Many areas of my life were blocked like professional career but after the soul clearing I felt new opportunities opened up.
For Job I wanted Project management but was not getting the right opportunity.
Whatever analysis report was done for me I felt it was true .
After my experience I recommend friends and family to Ashish who feel they are blocked in some areas of life.

- Anonymous

I was going through a relationship challenge. I tried some modalities but there was no break through. I was stuck at such a time Ashish ji did my reading after reading I could sleep properly at night and started feeling more calmer, positive and peaceful. As these feelings developed I could get a better job and developed a positive relationship with myself and my mom. I found that I could be more in present moment and accept myself completely as I am. Ashishji also always had time to counsel me, my heartfelt gratitude to Ashishji and this modality.

- Anonymous

Ashish helped me by bringing peace into my mind and heart. It changed the way I reacted to situations. I am much better equipped to handle unexpected events as I have a cleared mind.
Thank You Ashish for changing my way of life. I have a much healthier personal and professional life.

- Anonymous

“Akashic record clearances done by Ashish has changed my life completely. Some of the karmic cycles due to which i was suffering physically have been cleared. It has brought the awareness in me that these energies are not mine and can be rid off. The clearance he did for my home has brought a tremendous amount of change in my sleeping patterns and peace of mind. I won't say my life has become a cakewalk... I still have to learn my lessons, face my challenges, work on my relationship but after the clearances the way I learn, face and work on my life is with more ease and joy. A few 'why' of my life has been answered which helps me accept the truth with more ease”


Thank you Ashish for being a guide......
I had read about Aakashic records and was looking for an experience of it... Few weeks ago one of my Dear friend mentioned about Mr. Ashish and without wasting any time I spoke with him and got my akashic reading and clearance work. After which I felt very light and focused I am more balanced and positive in resolving and handling my issues... I am very impressed by his sincere efforts and simplicity, dedication towards helping and healing people.....
God bless.....
Thank you

- Vini, Gurgaon, India

"The divine is within us as the soul and has a journey to proceed with over many lifetimes. I learnt that, the soul has a profile and an alignment.
I was introduced to Ashish and his website by a well-wisher who showed concern about my challenges. It's only by the grace of the Divine that one may recognize his/her challenges and resolve them. This was granted for me.
I was provided my soul profile and my karma has been realigned. A bit of cooperation and faith is all one requires to overcome. I express my gratitude to the Divine for bringing me here."

- Pramodh Anand Iyer

I would like to say that if we really wanna feel the energy of divine source, Ashish is the perfect medium or gift sent by God to serve the humanity.
Ashish has done my soul realigntment. The best part was that he well explained the concepts of akashik records and shared his knowledge and experiences with me. Through which I developed deeper faith in the divine energy. After realignemnt, I feel calmer and peaceful from inside. I was facing wealth issues, however new horizons are opening up after clearance. I am happy for this new birth given by Ashish. Ashish proved that God spreads equal love to all. Inspite of ten thousand problems, we are not alone. The power which we can feel is always
with us. Through his spiritual experiences he supported as a coach, as a mentor, as a friend and a father in my bad times. He is a perfect blend of all the roles. After 21 days of prayer I got compliments from some of my friends, that my body language, focus has moved towards positivity. Infact I developed wisdom to deal with daily life issues.Now I have hope to move towards brighter future. Thanks Ashish and to all your mentors
through which I am connected with divine 24*7 without internet connectivity.Loads of love and blessings. - Manisha Kinger, Indore

I don't have words to express my gratitude for your way of healing conducted on my family, we are very much thankful from bottom of our hearts & amazed by it's a miraculous result which not only removed the negativities but also connected me with divine power, I always thank to "Sai Baba" for connecting us & with My "CHAMUNDA MAA". Spritual healing is the Ultimate Truth of mankind & I can imagine how passionately you're working on it to serve humans from the victimisation of past life Misdeeds which haunts in present Life & causing all kind of obstacles and negativities, this is a vicious cycle one cannot get rid of it without the GOD SENT ANGEL like YOU. I'm curious to know if permits how to conduct workshops for the awareness of this process, so that we can help others to get rid of their grievances & make them HAPPY. - Rewant Kumar Sharma

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Ashish from bottom of my heart for clearing the blockages for my son , since last few years I have seen strange behavioural+heatlh issues in my son's life due to which he stopped attending school and got aloof he stopped sharing his feelings and would be irritated was completely a change of personality first I thought it's due to hormonal changes but slowly things started getting worse as he stopped taking any interest in normal routine life. I had already experienced the healing from ashish for my own issue so I discussed the matter with him as could only trust him with my son's issues it didn't take time for ashish to connect with my son though initially I was not sure if he would follow the process of clearance but very mystically they both not only connected but my son easily agreed to do the prayers himself .. After which there is a complete shift in his behavior I have got my son back who was playful simple soul now he talks to me shares with me laughs and I am sure would really do well in his life. I am so happy to have ashish as my guide as he is truly dedicated to his work and gives out unconditionally rather give extra .. thank you so much dear angel...
Lots of blessings - Vinita

I was on the verge of self destruction before I came in contact with Shri Ashish. The house clearing and soul realignment he has done have literally resurrected me. I consider the post soul realignment phase of my life as my new birth. I am strongly connected with the God Source now and meditate regularly. I am filled with positive attitude now. My family life also changed by 180 degrees and I see unconditional love flowing into all aspects of my life. Thank You for this Divine Help.
- Smita P.

The soul realignment process has given me a sense of freedom. I am aligned with positive thinking now. I feel a new energy flowing within and around me that guides me towards better opportunities to express the inherent qualities of my soul fully and independently.
- Shilpa S.

Soul Realignment has made me peaceful and has filled all aspects of my life with joy. I thank Ashishji from the core of my soul for this support.
- Shweta S.D.

Dear seeker / friend
I am very happy to write this testimonial for amazing services that I received from Ashish Ji in the form of soul clearing, prayers and blessings.
My friend introduced me to him and I called him . Although I was very skeptical through out the process I have to admit that after the soul clearing I felt a sense of burden being lifted off my body. My negativity towards self and others significantly reduced.
Then he did the advanced soul clearing for me and after that I could feel lightness in my body and mind . There was a release in certain emotions such as anger, deep fear, guilt, blame, shame, intense negativity and egoistic suffering. It loosened it’s grip. My awareness and separation from all those emotions and feelings increased.
My determination and resolution not to become ‘one’ with those emotions became very strong.
My mind was holding on to fear of negative energy inside the house. This fear disappeared in the mind.
My health started improving as I found a wonderful healer. My body which has so many illnesses started to respond positively to the herbal medicines ( botanicals) and thus began the process of recovery. It is slow but I am glad that there is hope.
Ashishji taught me the technique of meditation. Devotion and prayer intensified silently within. There was no effort in doing any thing, but things just started happening in the ‘silent witness of the awareness’. I am deeply humbled by this experience of divine grace.
Ashish ji is a “giver” . To all those who come to him he presents himself at their service as a wonderful human being, a trustworthy friend and a beautiful soul. Even though he has a busy schedule he always makes time to talk in great detail to address the situation. He is always there guiding, supporting, encouraging and lifting those that come to him in this journey of consciousness. His website http://adivinesoul.com/ has all the details, lots of information and so much to offer to anyone who needs this clearing. With highest respect and a heart filled with deep gratitude for all the help I received from him. I would like to say a very big “Thank You”.
Truly humbled to receive this beautiful gift from the Divine!
My namaskars
- Lalitha