How to start

Q:What information do you require for a reading?
A: The following information allows me to access your Record:
· Full name currently
· Place of birth (city, province/state and country)
· Date of birth (day/month/year)
It can also be very helpful to setup a call and share with me; your intention for the reading.

Q: What is the objective of doing an Akashic Record reading?
A: Akashic Record readings are based on energetic blueprints. The whole idea of having your Akashic Records read is to have an understanding of who you are at Soul level, identify the blocks and restrictions and how they are reflecting in your physical reality that have been hindering your path to having a more empowered life and then be given an opportunity to clear any associated negative or discordant energies.

Q:Do you read for my spouse/partner?
A:Yes. A spouse or live-in partner that you are intimately sharing your life with affects your energy to a very high degree. Because their choices affect you, you are allowed to request a reading and clearing work for them. Of course it's best if they are present for the reading so they get the most out of it.

Q: Can I order a reading for my ex-husband or a friend I dislike?
A: Please note that before I do a reading for anyone, I need to check if I have permission for access. If there are any blocks that are standing in the way, I will not be able to perform the reading and will refund you the money.

Q: Can you read my future for me?
A: I do not do readings for the future because it is always possible for a person to change his or her destiny. The future can be changed through prayer requests or when a different choice at a critical point is made. Based on free will, it is always possible to change your life direction. It is far more important that you use the information from your reading (current + past info) to evolve spiritually.

Q: What religion is the reading of Akashic Records tied to?
A: You do not have to adopt any specific religious beliefs just by having your Akashic Records read. In fact, several religions do make references to an Akashic library, a database that contains every Soul’s records. More importantly, it is essential that you adopt an open mind to the information that your Soul would have you know!

Q: Do I need to see you personally for the Reading?
A: It is not necessary. I can access your information from wherever you are in the World.

Q: Would all blocks, restrictions, traumas and negativity from current and past lifetimes show up all in One reading?
A: From my experience, it never happens that way. Energetic work is like peeling the layers of an onion. Layer-by-layer, the outer dense layers come off. Your Soul would only have you work on the most obvious blocks, restrictions, traumas and negativity at any one time. You would be sent into a “healing crisis” if everything surfaces altogether at the same time. However, as you work through your layers, it is almost guaranteed that you will feel better, freer, happier, more fulfilled and surer of who You are.

Q: Is there anything I need to do from my end for Soul Realignment?
A: You will be invited to do a 21-day cleansing exercise yourself. This takes place after I have contacted you for your reading. While it is not really necessary, it helps for you to be energetically involved in the process of realigning your soul.