I am a Soul Realignment Practitioner and a Usui Reiki Healer/Master/Teacher. Professionally I had been associated with the technology industry from the very beginning; however my spiritual journey triggered very positive changes in my life path and led me to align with my soul’s goals and objectives for the present life time!

I have been on this spiritual path for about five years now, with reiki healing and then progressed onto multiple reiki lineages before engaging with the Soul Realignment work. Over a period of time I realized that my understanding about life and spirituality had undergone a dramatic change and I was becoming much more compassionate, forgiving and Universal. This led to investing considerable amount of time in exploring my connection with the Divine Spirit through various forms of healing, research and meditation work.

This connection with the Divine Spirit led me to experience my divinity in humanity and which realized in a profoundly peaceful life and hence I decided to engage with a full time spiritual healing and consulting practice!

I am happy to work with people and assist them in their journeys and would love to hear from you; so please Connect with me on: ashish@adivinesoul.com” or whatsapp me on +91-9821326358


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