Soul-Realignment for Children

Growth story

Understanding who your child is at Soul-level is invaluable. By seeing our children as spiritual beings, we can bring a greater degree of consciousness to our parenting. We can nurture our children’s spiritual gifts and assist them in seeing themselves as the Divinely created beings they truly are. By clearing any past or present-life negativity, we can often effectively resolve behavioral issues such as sleep issues, depression, disciplinary and social problems. For slightly older children, validating their experiences from a spiritual perspective can be an incredibly healing experience.

This consultation is available as a one hour phone session and a written report. It is up to you as a parent how much of the information you wish to share with your child. If your child is young, having this material in writing is often helpful so that your child may review it when they are ready.

Session Includes:
- My work in the Akashic Record to discover your child's information
- Clearing of your child's records
- 1 hr phone session with me to review your child's information

Consultation fee: USD 200