Relationship Readings

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Relationship Readings

Relationships are an intricate part of our human experience. We incarnate with the intention of exploring a variety of relationships, it is most certain that at some point in time every one of our relationships will challenge us. Our relationships are a major part of our spiritual development and through them we get to discover more of who we really are.

In a Relationship Reading we will explore your relationship from the soul’s perspective. We will discover who each of you are at soul level, why you have chosen to experience each other in this lifetime, what you are here to experience together, your soul history together, and what is interfering with the relationship. Finally we will clear the negatives that don’t align with your highest path and purpose, clearing the relationship to provide the experience you chose to have together.

Relationship Readings can be done for spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, parent/child, business partners, friends, employer/employee, or any relationship you wish.

Session Includes: - My work in the Akashic Records to discover your information

  • Clearing of your record
  • 1 hr phone session with me to review the information
  • Homework for you to participate in the clearing (this is not necessary but helpful)
  • Email access to me for 1 week to respond to questions

  • Consultation fee: USD 200