property blessing

Growth story

Is your home your sacred space? Many places hold the negative vibrations of the past, or contain open doorways to negative influences. If you struggle to get organized, feel uncomfortable in your home, or have an older home, this reading can drastically transform your living space into a peaceful sanctuary. This consultation also serves to protect your property from further negative influences. I do the clearing work and then we connect via phone to discuss the results.

A Property Clearing includes :
- my work in the Akashic Record to discover the information
- Clearing and re-assignment of the property
- 20min phone session to review the information

Consultation fee: USD 100

All consultations are held on the telephone. The client bears responsibility for all long-distance charges, if any. Consultations via Skype are also available. After purchasing your consultation, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. Prepayment is required for all consultations.